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Gastronomie Tisch Bistro-Boje mit Sonnenschirm im Partyzelt

The table with a practical climate system for gastronomy, hotels or events.


Comfortable warmth or refreshing coolness 365 days a year.

Thanks to air circulation technology.

Without gas heating, without infrared heater.

Exactly your variant.


Bar Table


Bistro-Boje Variante Stehtisch mit Rollfüßen und Ring


Seating Table

Bistro-Boje Variante Sitztisch eckig modern

As individual as your business.


With a parasol, pavilion or free-standing.

Adapt the Bistro-Boje to your requirements!

Bistro-Boje Tisch unter einem Sonnenschirm mit Trennwänden
Bistro-Boje Sitztisch in einem Pavillon

Ensures pleasant warmth  - or coolness.


Thanks to the integrated "MTC system" (Magic Thermo Channel), outdoor catering is now possible at all times of the year.

Umluftprinzip mit Radius_warm_kalt_groß_EN.PNG

Impressions of the use of the Bistro-Boje®

Bistro-Boje® replaces gas heating mushrooms and patio heaters.

Guests could once again safely enjoy the benefits of outdoor dining if...!

In 2018, the outdoor area of a well-attended bistro on the shopping street of Westerland on the island of Sylt was caught in flames. The cause was a gas heating mushroom, from which sudden meter-high flames blazed.

If the Sylt fire department had not been on the scene immediately, this fire would probably have triggered an inferno. Since then, gas heating mushrooms have been banned on Sylt.


In the meantime, a ban on the operation of radiant heaters in public outdoor areas is in force in further 17 cities nationwide.

The Federal Environment Agency already called for a ban on the use of patio heaters in 2009. In the face of the current Corona pandemic, a leading German municipal association feels obliged to revoke the ban on gas heaters in the affected municipalities.


This cannot be the key to success - if only for reasons of the risk of fire and explosion in the city centers.


Politicians, gastronomy and business associations, as well as operators of catering businesses, street and ice cream cafés, hotels and event organizers have long been looking for alternatives.

The solution should be environmentally friendly, energy efficient, climate friendly and safe from possible injury hazards for all guests, service staff, residents and passers-by.

The answer to that is: “Bistro Boje”.

The Bistro Buoy is a "bi-functional" air-conditioning system (heating and cooling via recirculation technology).


This means: no open gas firing, no heating or infrared rays.

Radiant heaters emit targeted beams that partially heat only the areas where these beams strike.

Recirculating systems, on the other hand, heat the ambient air all around, flooding entire indoor and outdoor areas.


The Bistro Boje - as a true space-saving miracle - is therefore able to provide large-scale air-conditioning for the catering and service area where guests and staff are located.

The Bistro Boje's "MTC System" (Magic Thermo Channel) provides comfortably warm flowing air during the cold season and cooler evening hours and generates refreshing coolness all around during hot daytimes.


Bistro Bojes can be used all year round in the winter garden, in the beer garden, on the terrace or in street cafés.


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