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"Das Double-Q® System ist die Summe aus 35 Jahren Erfahrung in der Horizontalabschirmung."*


*Robert-Georg Falk, Erfinder des 1987 entwickelten Double-Q® Systems

Comfortable warmth or refreshing coolness 365 days a year.

Thanks to air circulation technology.

Without gas heating, without infrared heater.

Exactly your variant.



Erfüllt die Anforderungen der Energieeinsparverordnung (EnEV)


Hohe Energieeinsparung


Schutz gegen Kälte und Hitze 


Minimiert das Eindringen von Staub, Abgasen, Verschmutzungen und Insekten in das Gebäude


Keine Durchgangsschleusen, transparenten PVC-Streifenvorhänge, Pendeltore oder Schnelllauftore mehr notwendig

As individual as your business.


With a parasol, pavilion or free-standing.

Adapt the Bistro-Boje to your requirements!


Dynamically adjusted airflow.

Height:Gate height measured on site

Broad:460 mm (incl. floor mount)

Power connection:3 kW / column

Max. shielding width/column:4 m

Volume (3m distance):At the max. power demand of the system 84 db (A)

Ensures pleasant warmth  - or coolness.


Thanks to the integrated "MTC system" (Magic Thermo Channel), outdoor catering is now possible at all times of the year.

shielding of the interior
from outside against:
  • Inflowing muggy, warm outside air in summer

  • Inflowing cold outside air in winter

  • draft

  • Dust, dirt and soot particles, car exhaust fumes

  • Fungi, spores, germs, viruses, bacteria

  • High humidity

  • Humidity too low

  • Unpleasant odors and putrefactive substances

  • Flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps, etc.)

  • Unpleasant noises (road and construction noise)

  • Inflowing warm indoor air in winter

  • Escaping cool indoor air in summer

  • Production-related unpleasant odours/smell of putrefaction/bacteria

  • Production-related particles/dust/air pollutants/gases/exhaust gases

  • Production-related high humidity

  • Production-related sounds/noise

Impressions of the use of the Bistro-Boje®


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